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How long does it take the average person to run K

How long does it take the average person to run 5K

I think I ran 26:01 because I wasnt bored from either running on the treadmill or the track. I also was running/walking on the treadmill for an hour so I knew I could handle the 30 or so minutes for a 5k.

I feel that my body 5 6 and 187 pounds can be a lot faster if I lost some weight.

As for the average person? I think if you can handle running/walking on a treadmill for an hour without a headset, for 3 times in a week, I think you will be surprised how well you can do on your 5k race.

It really depends on fitness and experience more than age I think. I have never been able to keep up running, although Im working on it again this year as a New Years Resolution. Im a female, 5 7ish, 170 lbs., and am athletic but work a desk job/watch a lot of TV at home. A year ago this past October, I ran/walked a 2.5K just to see if Id like it I did and finished way out of breath in 18 minutes, which was amazing compared to where Id come from. Now I have more experience and am much stronger thanks to yoga, and Im doing a strong 12minute mile regularly on the treadmill, that also makes a difference to us nonexperienced runners. I still have to alternate walking 3.5 mph/jogging 4.55 mph/running 5.56 mph. At that rate, 40 minutes would be great. A year ago I would have been happy with finishing. Period.

Just this year I started jogging at least once a week. 9 months in I began to track my progress and was amazed when I clocked a 50:10 5K that was mostly fast walking and jogging with some running. I am 31 62 and about 150. Slim and fit. I am glad to say that in this last month I have only continued to better my previous times. I run a flat street or the local track and just today ran a 40:01 5K mostly jogging, some fast walking and some running with an all out sprint the last .15 mile. Ive been running every other day or at least once every three days. The key is to stay motivated and believe you can be better than your past.

i have been running since the 7th grade. i am now 20 years old andi just ran my fastest 5k ever yesterday afternoon. i ran a 16:52 and i was bymyself. i dont run for a college or a team i did last year but this year i got to a small college just to finsih school. to me from what i have seen and average 5k time is 25 to 30 minutes. the more rugged trainers can run anywhere from 16 to 20 and yes elite runners can go under 15 with no problem. it all depends on how hard you work and train yourself. remember your mind makes you think your tired way before you acually are. if you can train your self to ignore your mind and you thinking yur tired you can accomplish anything. i never thought i would run a 16:52 by myself without competition. i am a white male also. yes kenyans and etheopians are fast but we can do it too,. its not just the genes its how hard you work to make yourself better.