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Max Roosenbrand

Max Roosenbrand

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An email Q with Max Roosenbrand, CEO and president of MachSol, in which he discusses the latest release of MachPanel 4.0 and how it is remarkably different than the competing control panels available on the market today.

For the new version, the company took into consideration the feedback and needs of users, performed some functional testing to patch over 700 bugs from the previous version, and added more than 50 major enhancements like outlook auto profiler, separate languages and locale, miscellaneous product support, bulk mailbox creation and notification system facility.

The new platform offers a stable, secure, reliable, and performance efficient modern platform for latest Windows Server 2008, as well as support for Windows Server 2003.

Additionally, it offers classic hosting provision for IIS 6/7 and unlimited options for SaaS offerings comprising Exchange 2007, SharePoint, CRM 4.0 and provides mobile exchange automation to its value added clients.

In an email interview with the WHIR, Max Roosenbrand, CEO and president of MachSol, discusses the latest release of MachPanel 4.0 and how it is remarkably different than the competing control panels available on the market today.

WHIR: What factors contributed to improving previous versions of MachPanel for the relase of Version 4.0?

Max Roosenbrand: MachPanel development started back in August 2005. At that time the industry had quite a few control panel vendors but none of them, except Parallel expensive PEM/HSPC solution, offered unified HSP control panel. For example, hosting panels offered everything related to provisioning and management of hosting service but ignored other important business requirements such as help desk, billing system, network monitoring, clients management, order management, etc. The hosting service providers thus required to buy billing, help desk and related business software separately from various vendors.

Working with various vendors is difficult both from cost and management point of view. In addition, it introduces complications like multiple logins and intercommunication issues. Keeping these problems in mind we started development of MachPanel. First public version was v2 released in Nov 2007. Initially we offered a management layer between popular panels Plesk, Helm and MachPanel where MachPanel could manage service plans, billing, help desk and other business areas while for provisioning it calls Plesk, Helm API.

Then v3 was released in December 2008, with builtin support for SaaS hosting. Initially Microsoft HMC 4.0 was supported where MachPanel could bill and provision hosted exchange service through HMC 4.0. Later, we added Exchange 2007 support without HMC thus becoming 1st control panel to offer such extensibility. Now with the release of version 4, we introduced Hosted BlackBerry, Hosted MS CRM and Hosted SharePoint support alongside providing complete shared hosting module called Hostmatic. Also, reseller functionality was added to the product. Today, MachPanel stands out of the crowd in terms of features, functionality, extensibility, reliability and price.

What type of customers is MachSol targeting with this latest release of MachPanel?

MR: MachPanel v4 is not just for larger companies, it is also desired by small and medium business where staffing is a real issue and reliance on software is greater to run business effectively and profitably.

How does MachPanel compare to other hosted solutions control panels offered on the market?

MR: Over 15 years of collective industry experience taught us some of the very basic issues that other control panels do not attend. There are dozens of key features that other panels do not cater but I am going to name only few due to time constraint.

MachPanel offers streamlined, easy to navigate interface, an advanced billing system that lets service provider bill in multiple currencies put antifraud filters so that certain orders remain in Review queue until approved, send automatic reminders, take automatic actions on accounts suspend, remove, resume based on billing status, and much more.

The new platform lets provider launch multiple online store each catering to different service. For example, separate store to sell dedicated servers, shared hosting, SSL certificates etc. Store is tightly integrated with billing system and automatic provisioning.

Only MachPanel includes an advanced help desk system, a builtin network and servers monitoring module, the possibility to design dedicated server packages, sell custom dedicated servers on store, bill dedicated servers and provision.

MachPanel is among the new breed of control panels that open new revenue opportunities for hosting service providers by giving necessary tools to get into profitable SaaS hosting market. An edge of MachPanel is seasoned team behind the product that caters to turnkey projects too where MachPanel team setup complete hosted service environment for the service provider.

The press release mentions how this new version has patched over 700 bugs. What areas of the panel did these bugs concern?

MR: When we started MachPanel v4 development the Software Quality Assurance team size of increased 300 percent because we believe in quality product for our clients. The SQA team uprooted over 700 bugs before release that could have otherwise gone into customer hands. These bugs related to existing and new modules in v4. Today our customers can enjoy a working and mostly bug free product in their hands.

What is the pricing model for the software?

MR: MachPanel pricing model is very friendly for both large enterprise and SME. We have both Leased and Perpetual pricing available. Leased pricing model lets customers pay small price monthly and take advantage of free support and software upgrades. We have Migration discounts available for customer migrating from other legacy control panels. Additionally, we are frequently running promotional bundles that can be viewed on the online store.