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Federal audit bill gets House OK

WASHINGTON The House, on a 32798 vote Wednesday, approved Republican Rep. Ron Paul longfought proposal to require an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Not only Tea Party stalwarts, but rankandfile Republicans and dozens of Democrats voted for the measure a reflection of the rising influence of the former presidential contender brand of libertarianism.

The nation central bank is already the subject of various routine audits, but the legislation would remove limits on reviewing certain aspects of the central bank operations.

Approval by the House will likely be the bill last act, for now, as the Senate is not expected to consider it, despite a push Wednesday from the Texas congressman son, Sen.

But despite concerns that the London Interbank Offered Rate, or LIBOR, was vulnerable to underreporting by banks at the time, Mr. Geithner said he and other Fed officials felt it was not a problem to use the rate to set the terms for the $182 billion bailout of American International Group and a $1 trillion emergency lending program called the TermAsset Backed Securities Loan Facility. lawmakers said Wednesday.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has struggled to ease a backlog in disability claims and to create a system shifting health records from the Pentagon, Rep, Jeff Miller, RFla., chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, said at a hearing.

Painkiller abuse aired

WASHINGTON A group of doctors and public health officials urged the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday to curtail the overuse and abuse of prescription painkillers by changing labeling directions on how and when physicians should prescribe them.

The request came in a citizens petition sent Wednesday to the FDA by some 35 physicians.

Jackson family turmoil

LOS ANGELES A judge on Wednesday appointed Tito Joe TJ Jackson, the son of Tito Jackson, to serve as temporary guardian of Michael Jackson children in the absence of the family matriarch and in the midst a feud over the pop superstar estate.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff temporarily suspended Katherine Jackson as the children guardian because she was in Arizona and hadn spoken with them in several days.

Also in the nation . . .

A military judge, Col. Gregory Gross, said Wednesday that accused Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Hasan will be forcibly shaven before his Aug. 20 courtmartial unless the Army psychiatrist relents and agrees to remove the beard he has grown over the past two months. .