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Novel Outline

Novel Outline

As you write your novel and the days go by, you need to know were youre at.

If you dont get organised at a very early stage you will spend half your time looking through where you finished last time. Then you have to think over the whole plot and so on. Its certainly not easy, its foolish and very very unproductive.

So what do you need? Yes, an outline. In fact more than one, because in my mind its best if you make outlines for each chapter and then a general one for the whole book.

I have to repeat what I said in a previous article in case you havent read it.

Close Your Computer Down Now! Yes. Close It.

Go and get one of those 2 ring punch folders and 500 letter size white pages about 12 inches by 8 inches. Punch them with 2 holes and put the paper inside the folder on the 2 rings. Also it would be a good idea if you can get a pack or two of those index type tabs for using as easy reference when finding parts you need. Use these to mark your chapters too. You need the blank ones not the alphabetical ones.

Dont write on both sides of the paper. Write on 1 side only. Dont say I can save paper. Listen to what I say please.

Write down the heading for each chapter in the front of your folder. This is for reference. Get the chapters sorted out and write on the first sheet of every chapter its heading. As an example you would have your first section named Titles.

Put down as much as you can in the separate sections. Keep filling it. Write it all down. If you want to transfer to a computer later, then OK. At the moment use the file. Its easier. You can take it around with you and its so much easier when referring to other parts.

So you have, say 12 chapters with headings. Write down under each chapter heading as much as you can how you see it progressing, subplots, ideas, any research and where from. Characters in that chapter and as much information as you can.