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Outrageous Footballers Houses

Outrageous Footballers Houses

They say money cant buy you happiness, but it can buy you big extravagant houses especially when youre on a footballers wage, and below are just a few that have splashed out on a perfect home.

Name: Jermain Defoe

A new home was bought by England and Spurs striker Jermain Defoe in Hertfordshire, however he didnt like the original house so Defoe soon knocked it down to build a bigger mansion house in its place.

His second property is a 5 million Surrey mansion, but it is so secure that not many people have had the privilege of being able to look inside. His new fianc, Christine Blakeley, is rumoured to want to buy a new mansion house with him after they marry.

Wayne Rooney

England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney with his wife Coleen have set up home in a 1930s house in Prestbury, Cheshire. The house has 6 bedrooms, all equipped with the best ensuites you can imagine, Cheshire bathroom showrooms are by now highly familiar with supplying footballers. Especially as the Liverpool and Manchester home two of the UKs most powerful football teams. Bathroom showrooms in Manchester specifically may have been visited by one footballer in particular when a friend supposedly let off fireworks in his bathroom!

After already spending a fortune on their 4 million property a house isnt a home without a cinema, sweeping staircase, Georgian pillars, sports stadium and Grecianesque statues that stand strong in their landscaped garden. Rooney spent a staggering 50,000 on garden turf alone.

It is also rumoured that they have a customised Swarovski crystal white leather sofa, at a mere 10,000.

The West Wing of this mansion is also impressive, with a customised a giant indoor pool surrounded by a vast amount of pink walls just for Coleen!. The pool also has changing rooms and a Jacuzzi with next door featuring a triple garage to house all their expensive cars.

To stop thieves and beady eyes, they have also invested in a 30,000 CCTV camera system.

It doesnt stop there either, the Rooneys also have overseas properties with a 320,000 apartment in Florida, and if the weather isnt too good there, they can always fly on over to Barbados where they own a 5 million villa on the Royal Westmorland.