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The Best Way to Send Gifts to India

The Best Way to Send Gifts to India

We can not realize the true value of relations while living with them and enjoying the feelings of togetherness. A true realization comes when we are away from our people. The more we miss them, the more we feel lonely or empty without them is the true realization of value of relations. I am an Indian living in London for more than five years now. I have been working here in an IT company as a software developer. I have really achieved everything that I had been dreaming of during my college years. I do miss my friends and family in India very much here. Sometimes, while in leisure or some free hours, I inadvertently drift along with memories of those days in India. I do feel like expressing my gratitude for all those happy moments. I do this by sending gifts to India whenever occasion allows me.

It was not so until a couple of years back, the years when I was not married. I was not really familiar with such secrets of happy living. I was not aware of this art of sharing happiness and extracting joy from life even when living abroad. Thanks to Ritesh, my husband, who taught me this tract of living life with pleasure. It really gives us a great pleasure when we do something good for our people he says. I did not take him seriously and kept ignoring his advice until I started envying the praise and comments he started earning by sending gifts to India for his brothers, sisters, friends and parents. I was really surprised to receive a call from my younger sister when she thanked me for the parcel she had received as her birthday gift to India, from me. I was just speech less at the moment because I knew I had not sent her any birthday gift to India. It was quite embarrassing. How could I not remember her birthday? Why did I not really think of sending her a birthday gift to India? How could I miss the date? These were the questions popping up in my mind.

I talked to Ritesh about this incident and he kept smiling while hearing the story. Relax! No need to feel bad he said, This was you who sent birthday gift to India for her. You may have forgotten but I couldnt he chuckled. I was really feeling exhilarated at the whole episode. I thanked my husband for taking care of these precious sentiments and making relations stronger. He informed me about the online gift portal that she uses for sending gifts to India. Its just the matter of a few clicks only. Now we both send gifts to India, without a miss. Here lies the greatest collection of Birthday Gifts to India or many other Gifts to India to suite all the occasions and persons.

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