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themed cocktail party for your friends

themed cocktail party for your friends

Olympic Rings Cocktail Kerry Centre, Beijing

Host an easy Olympicthemed cocktail party for your friends. In the spirit of the real meaning of the Olympic Games, go global with the appetizers and drinks by choosing items that represent foods and beverages from all around the world. Think egg rolls, samosas, spanikopita . . . I know, that doesnt sound very easy, does it?

Well, heres the easy part: take all the help you need from your local Trader Joes by choosing from their large selection of delicious frozen appetizers. These can simply be popped into a preheated oven and, a few minutes later, arranged on serving platters for your guests.

Trader Joes deli section also has a great selection of dips, spreads and cheeses that fit this theme perfectly. Just a few suggestions for you to get started:

Hummus Middle East

Manchego Cheese Spain

For global beverages, think about serving wines from Portugal or Australia, German or Belgian beers, vodka from Sweden, Japanese sake, French champagne, margaritas the possibilities are almost endless here. Once again, Trader Joes has everything youll need for global beverages for your Olympicthemed party a large selection of imported wine, beer and spirits.

Pipe icing Olympic rings on storebought cupcakes

For the ultimate Olympics dessert, check out my article, Olympics Rings Cheesecake. You cant buy this at Trader Joes but you may find it worth the effort to treat your guests to a deliciously rich and unique dessert designed to celebrate the Olympics. If youd rather go storebought for dessert but still keep it in the spirit of the Olympics, buy cupcakes with vanilla white icing. Using tubes of storebought decorating icing, pipe five rings on each cupcake blue, black, red, yellow and green in the style of the Olympics rings.

Want to set the scene for your party? If you have winter sports equipment such as skis, ice skates or snowboards, set them around in the main room of your party. You can buy a bag of 50 assorted international flag toothpicks for $2.95 or even get fullsized 3 ft x 5 ft polyester international flags for any country you want for $4.95 each to hang on your walls. Go to Diddams Amazing Party Store in San Jose and get some heliumfilled balloons in blue, black, red, yellow and green. Cut the Olympic rings out of colored construction paper to hang on walls or decorate the buffet table. Just use your imagination and have fun!

Now, that is easy, isnt it? By using readymade, quality food items as suggested above, you can throw a great Olympicsthemed cocktail party your friends will love and you get to watch the games yourself without being stuck in the kitchen cooking.

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