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What are the cheats for Stick War

What are the cheats for Stick War

know 1 cheat its $100,000 money and the ability to have 999999999 players hit enter 3 times when the game is paused then u should have it, good luck! it doesnt even work dont try it it does not work it works try it it actually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pause the game and press the screen six times dont press any buttons. Then youll hear the word Cheater! and you will gain $50,000 cash, 50 prisoners and 5,000 health.

Im a different person, look all u have to do is type arcade per hacks into goggle, click on the first one its a cheat website, tones of other games as well type Stick wars into the search bar and there you go, game with all cheats programmed into it.

Im not sure about that cheat but u can start a game then u be the miner and buy any character that u would be invincible when it spawns IT go forward u move far forward then u retreat then when the attack guy goes behind the spikes change to him and he will b unnoticed : hope it helps