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What does carp taste like

What does carp taste like

Description in market: Carp meat is offwhite in color, with a dark midlateral strip that often removed before cooking. It is low in fat, firm in texture, and mildthough it can be muddy, especially the farmraised varietyin flavor. The skin is edible but not particularly tasty.

The mossy, earthy flavor sometimes evident in carp tends to be stronger in the warmer months; carp harvested from November to April will have less of a riverbottom taste.

While tasty when grown in good water, carp can be riddled with small bones in unpredictable locations. Most carp have a fishy taste and are not considered to be good for eating in North America, although they are popular in restaurants in Japan and Taiwan where the fish are also considered to be signs of good fortune. Carp is a traditional Christmas Eve dish in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

Despite having food and angling value that is celebrated in most parts of the world, in North America, Carp are viewed unfavorably. In Australia Carp are despised..