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what is government ID fraud

what is government ID fraud

Government identification fraud generally refers to the manufacture or use of official or forged government identification by an identity thief. Government identification includes Social Security Cards, Medicare cards, driver licenses, passports, birth certificates, and other government issued documents that identify a person. Government ID fraud is one of the fastest growing types of identity theft.

A name and Social Security Number can be used to replicate a Social Security Card. A stolen or forged identification, for example a Social Security Card, subsequently can be used to obtain official government issued identification such as a driver license. A name and driver license number can be used fabricate lookalike driver licenses.

Forging of identification and documents is simple with desktop publishing and laser printers. This is why it so important to protect your personal identifiers and to put an end to local government providing unrestricted web access to Social Security Numbers, Driver Identification Numbers and other personal information.

Government ID fraud is often the prerequisite for committing other types of identity theft. The fraudulent use of identification can be used for a wide variety of purposes. These include obtaining government benefits, health care, employment, insurance, housing, utility and phone accounts, bank accounts, loans and credit cards.

What about exposing facebook for the fraudulant capture of peoples GOVERNMENT ISSUED ID. It clearly says on mine to not copy it, yet when facebook deems your page questionable they will DEMAND a copy of government issued ID with a photo in order to reinstate your facebook page. Even after compling, several hundred people have stated that they got a generated email stating their facebook page was closed, decision final, as the ID was not suffiecent evidence of proof of ID for the account. Where are these peoples government issued ID copies?? What is facebook doing with hundreds of photo copied passports, drivers licence? Why is that legal to even ask for it or else you get banned?