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Why do cats sleep so much

Why do cats sleep so much

According to experts and our Vet it a cat thing, from cat napping or a lite sleep where eyes will still be slightly open or the deep sleep of their dream world as seen by the facial twitching and paw movement.

Most cats and I can personally verify this sleep 16 hours a day, some more!

Sleep is natural to the cats and is memory in their genes. They conserve energy for hunting, the less energy used means less food required. This has never changed even after domestication.

One note, if the sleeping pattern of your cat changes a Vet visit may be needed. That is if your cat sleeps normally 10 hours a day and all of a sudden sleeps now 16 or more hours it may have problems. Have your Vet do a complete check up to ensure there is nothing wrong!

I have two kids now a boy Persian 16 years old and our new baby girl Persian a little over one year old. The boy sleeps a good 18 hours a day more to do with his age, a good portion is deep sleep while maybe 5 hours of it is lite sleep. Our baby is active, active, active, she is the lite sleeper quick to act and up all hours of the night!

The reason they sleep so much is also a trait that has been handed down from before they were domesticated and had to hunt for their food. When a cat sleeps, it uses very little energy. The longer a cat sleeps, the more energy it conserves and the less often they would have to hunt.

Cats sleep about 13 16 hours a day. More than any other animal and twice as much as we do; however most of that sleep is not deep sleep only 25% of the sleepy time is spent in deep sleep. Perhaps you have noticed that if your cat seems to be deep asleep across the room from you, all you have to do is move slightly and he/she will perk right up. That is another genetic trait that still lingers, it helps them to escape predators.