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Will there be Entourage Seasonas Seasonis set to end next week

Will there be Entourage Season 7 as Season 6 is set to end next week

I havent written about the new season of Curb yet thats what I call it, cause when I used to call it Enthus everyone was confused, mostly because rambly posts about generally likable comedies are the exact kind of posts I skip over when I read blogs myself.

But, because were all friends here especially you, commenter who keeps asking me if I want to meet sexy black singles, Ill go ahead and offer my thoughts on the first two episodes and then you can talk amongst yourselves! Remember that Mike Myers SNL character, Lothar of the Hill People?

To me, the first episode felt slightly obligatory while I love seeing Catherine OHara in any capacity, and the episode certainly had its moments, the motivation behind the episode seemed to be What controversial topics havent we broached yet? One, retarded sister, two, cancer. Done.

Curb Your HugthusiasmEven the gay doctor scene, while very much a standard Curb instantlyawkward interaction, just felt weirdly crammed in. I realize that the episodes do follow a general formula of stuff happening then coming back around on itself, but the strongest episodes in the past like the Museum Wing Dedication episode from last season make this happen a lot more naturally, instead of forcing you to sit there thinking uh oh, whens this angry doctor gonna come back I also initially predicted the cancer diagnosis was a ploy by the doctor and Loretta to test Larry, but now that seems unlikely.

Like last season, though, the second episode was a lot more promising. Smoove, all tied together with no fewer than four instances of road head, breaking the previous television record of three held by the show Coach.

They did kind of just skip over the Larry/Loretta fight, Entourage style, and go straight to her leaving in her car, but whatever, theyve only got a half hour, and the misunderstanding + Larrys cancer fears + Larrys rendezvous with Cheryl in the premiere should make for a more interesting overarching plot than usual for the remainder of Season 7.

Have I fittingly analyzed the joy out of this yet? Lemmie throw together some laughgraphs

Entourage is an American comedydrama that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004. The series was created by Doug Ellin and chronicles the rise of Vincent Chase, a young Alist movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Hollywood, California. The show completed its sixth season and is renewed for a seventh.

edit Season Notes

On March 6 2009, Dan Patrick of Sports Illustrated reported on his radio show that LeBron James would also make a cameo in an episode. Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum is also expected to cameo. It was confirmed on 14th July 2009, that Matt Damon will be making a guest appearance on the show.