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Sportsmen Owe Fred Bear

Sportsmen Owe Fred Bear

He became a legend after another great hunter, sportsman and musician Ted Nugent wrote a song about him. Ted Nugent and Fred Bear became great friends.

Bear traveled the world in pursuit of big game and filmed his kills and hunts and are now legendary. He didnt even start bow hunting until he was 29 years of age which just goes to show that its never too late and you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Archery was Bears lifelong passion. He played a key role in promoting a bowhunting season in Michigan back in 1936. He became an expert marksman and won the states target archery championship in 1934, 1937 and 1939. He also became a regular on the sports show circuit, inspiring experienced bowmen and novices alike with his natural shooting skills.

Whenever a bow hunter hears the name Fred Bear they get inspired to hunt and to practice their archery.

We as hunters and sportsmen owe a lot to Fred Bear for what he did for the hunting industry. Sometimes its unnerving to think where our hunting rights would be without Fred Bear.

Safety Eye Wear

Safety Eye Wear

In order to protect yourself from workplace hazards, safety eye wear should be incorporated into you personal suite of safety products. Along with protective gloves, earplugs, and body protection, the appropriate eye wear can eliminate much of the risk associated with occupational hazards. OSHA and ANSI have numerous regulations regarding the use of safety eye wear, and differing standards for different applications.

Common Applications and Usage of Safety Eye Wear

In a situation that involves the frequent use of chemical solvents, acids, or other chemical handling, employees are often exposed to chemical splashes, fumes and possibly even burns. In some of these situations, splash goggles offer an appropriate degree of protection, but other more volatile situations may necessitate using a face shield over a quality pair of goggles.

For mechanical applications, comparatively little safety eye wear is necessary. In many cases, dust goggles should protect your eyes from many of the present dangers. For heavy grinding or sharpening, however, a face shield can be used to protect your face from larger particles and sparks.

Some industrial uses expose workers to intense light as well as sparks and flying debris. For arc welding, spot welding, and burning or cutting applications involving the use of an acetylene torch, ANSI recommends using welding goggles or even welding helmets, complete with tinted lenses. Whatever the application, OSHA trained specialists are available for consultation. They can advise you on what eye wear is the best, safest, and legally recommended type for your needs.

Protecting Your Personal Assets

Protecting Your Personal Assets

Even though you, as a shareholder of your own corporation, may not be responsible for the debts of the corporation since the corporation is a separate person, there is nothing to prevent someone from suing you personally for actions you performed. For instance, suppose you personally created an ad campaign for your corporation criticizing a competitor. The competitor views the campaign as malicious and untrue and decides to sue. They might sue your corporation and you, personally, as the creator of the ad. While you would not be liable for any settlement the corporation has to pay as a result of the suit, your personal assets could be attached to pay off any judgment the competitor won in its case against you the individual.

In addition, even though you might not technically be liable for the corporations debts, if you owned a very small corporation, chances are you would have to dig into your own personal bankroll to come up with the money to fight the lawsuit.

Thus incorporation does not necessarily prevent liability problems. One important step you can take to help protect your assets against loss is to obtain adequate liability insurance business property, professional errors and omissions, and product liability.

The other fallacy about incorporation is that somehow it protects you from paying off any bad debts the corporation incurs. But things rarely work that way. While you are not automatically responsible for the corporations debts the way you would be responsible for your sole proprietorship or partnership debts, rarely will you be able to get a loan for a new small corporation unless you sign a personal guarantee, which means that you, personally, will have to pay back the loan if the corporation defaults.

Product Development Maturity Model

Product Development Maturity Model

Product development is the main aim of any business. This is the only goal that should be followed by each and every worker and superiors in any organization. The product development maturity model is a kind of framework that is important for improving and assessing product development. It is a really effective system for analyzing and standardizing the quality of a company. It lays down a proper skeleton for the growth and improvement of a company.

The product development maturity model has different levels based on which the maturity of the development process of a company is determined, these levels are:

Initial level: At this level, the development process is not stable, and the company in question does not have a perfect environment for the proper development of its products. The processes are not predictable at all and the company does not have good management, proper focus on maximizing the life cycle of a product, etc.

Repeatable level: At this level, stable policies are worked out to manage the development process properly. Different processes are used to implement all these policies. The management takes care of and oversees every part of the development process for cost effective, yet, good quality production.

Defined level: The stable processes for product development are documented at this level. Different methods are used to support the management team work more effectively. Special training is provided to different groups of employees to make sure that they are specialized in the job they have to do. Performance reviews are done as well.

Managed level: At this level, the projects control the products by minimizing the variations in the development process. Variations that are meaningful can be accepted. New technologies, development methods, etc., are introduced, but, are carefully managed and all risks are controlled. The entire process is controlled and stable.

Optimized level: At this level, the focus of an entire company lies in the improvement and growth of the company. The strong points of the development process are strengthened, while, the weaker aspects are improved or altered. The effectiveness and functionality of the development process are analyzed and failures are properly looked into, so as to move the company in a positive direction.

Prensil has attained the optimized level and is focused on implementing innovative strategies to improvise the already highly stable and effective Software product development process. We learn from our failures and never repeat mistakes. Our software product development process is a rare combination on stability and dynamism and we constantly implement the most recent technologies and management strategies.

Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows

Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows

Like online meetings, a virtual trade show can be simple or breathtakingly realistic. The simplest assemble a series of pages, each one a virtual booth for an exhibitor, plus instant messaging so exhibitors and attendees can talk in real time. The more complex are complete environments like highlevel video games or such online worlds as Second Life. In these, each participant controls an avatar. VOIP voice over internet protocol can allow you to talk to attendees, and you can easily email brochures or allow attendees to download them.

But why bother when facetoface meetings are so much more satisfying and real? Because virtual trade shows offer some solid advantages.

Imagine a trade show with no costs for transportation, shipping, hotels, hospitality, or booths, and just a minimal cost for exhibit space. Thats a virtual trade show.

With travel costs rising and travel budgets falling, more industries are turning to virtual trade shows as a less expensive way to showcase their wares. Electronics and high tech companies are naturally comfortable with the online format, but theyre not alone. Plenty of other industries, from plumbing to candywrapper design, have held successful virtual shows.

2. Spread Your Wings

All too often, the sheer size of trade show investment keeps the marketing department stuck in a traditional rut of what worked last year. The new medium will free you to experiment with innovative exhibit ideasand rapidly change the ones that dont work. At a virtual trade show, you dont need to worry about the flow of foot traffic or many other design constraints.

Moreover, youll have help designing your display. Setup on virtual trade show sites takes less than an hour, and the software is supplied. Depending on the site, you will have an exciting array of multimedia tools at your service. Some offer VOIP voice over internet protocol, so you can chat by voice with attendees. Most offer instant messaging capabilities, so you can chat in real time with attendeesand keep several conversations going at once.

3. Open a Stall in a New Market

Not only will you be able to test fresh approaches, you will also have the freedom to explore new markets without fear of blowing the annual budget. Because of the low overhead, you can dare to attend nontraditional trade shows you might not otherwise attempt.

4. The Future Is Green

Compared to traditional trade shows, virtual trade shows are greener. Lowering environmental impact is an increasingly important goal for many companies. Tax incentives for cutting fuel costs are also likely to increase, making virtual exhibits an even more attractive proposition.

5. Follow That Lead!

Traditional trade shows often generate exciting leads. Unfortunately, 80% of those leads are never followed up a statistic bound to discourage the most enthusiastic marketing professional. The reasons are myriad: disconnects between marketing and sales departments, the difficulties of reading handscribbled names and addresses, the tedium of entering contact information by hand into databases.

However, virtual trade shows collect the data for you and most include builtin lead management software. Suddenly tracking those leads becomes simple. In addition, many systems offer tags so you can make notes on attendees or companies, making it easy to follow up. You can also keep tabs on both staff and attendee activities.

Virtual trade show systems generally allow you to run analytics as soon as the show is over. Instead of entering all the data separately, the virtual trade show tracks and analyzes it for you. Youll be able to start following up leads immediately, which can greatly improve your return on investment.

6. Market to the TwentyFirst Century Customer

Most important of all, virtual trade shows will help you reach out to the digital generation. Over time, more and more corporate decision makers will be at least as comfortable with the virtual world as they are with text on a page.

Already members of the digital generation are taking over key positions in government and business. President Obamas transition team was cochaired by a Wharton professor distinguished not only for his scholarship but for his skill at World of Warcraft, a virtual raiding game. Plenty of people now in their thirties could use a mouse before they could clutch a pencil, and they spend their spare time on Second Life and other virtual realms. A virtual trade show will seem as natural to them as the telephone does to older people.

This demographic trend is bound to continue. Gaining experience now in the virtual world will give you an edge in marketing to this vast demographic.

The virtual trade show may never completely replace the great exhibit halls. Facetoface contact is just too essential for many people. However, a wise marketing professional will use this exciting new technology to reach out to customers. Its one more tool in your arsenal, and you can use it effectively to improve your companys bottom line.

Shrink Video File Size

Shrink Video File Size

Sure the web video revolution is in full swing but theres one area that seems to get neglected and thats the HUGE size of video files on your computer.

It called SUPER and you can this miraculous application to convert and resize your video files. No obligation, no email or registration. Im not affiliated with this software.

YouTube suggests your final video be:

MPEG4 Divx, Xvid format320x240 resolutionMP3 audio30 frames per secondYou can take nearly any type of digital video file and shrink it to meet those specifications by using SUPER.

If youre creating your own videos from scratch, here are a few postproduction tips from our friend Spot from his Vegas Editing Workshop book my summary.

A dissolve differs from a fade in that a video can ONLY fade from black to full video Fade In or Fade Up or TO black Fade out or Fade To Black. Thats how they taught us in film school!

Why avoid using them? If youve read my previous blog post on the subject youll remember that the encoding process makes note of CHANGES from frame to frame.

So if you have a 30 second video shot from a moving car every part of every frame is moving changing and this will create a huge and difficult to stream file.

How To Grow and Care for Banana Trees

How To Grow and Care for Banana Trees

Banana trees arent actually trees at allthey are very large perennial herbs. While youd normally associate banana trees with warm, tropical climates, these plants can also be grown in other zones with success, as long as you prepare them for the cold weather. No matter where you live though, there are a few things youll need to know in order to keep your banana trees thriving.

Banana plants prefer a light, welldraining soil. You can aid in the drainage quality of your planting beds by adding raised areas above heavier soil to allow the thin roots of the banana tree to spread.

Choose the warmest location on your property for banana plants. They really need full sun; twelve hours a day is optimal. If you live in a temperate climate, your banana plants will also need protection from wind and cold. Banana trees do not like winter!

If you plan to keep growing banana plants throughout the year and live in a zone with seasonal cold weather, choose cold tolerant varieties of banana trees such as Musa Basjoo, Saja, and Ice Cream.

Some banana plants are strictly ornamental, while others bear fruit. Read tag descriptions carefully so youll know what to expect. Almost all banana plants have the potential to grow very tall, except for dwarf varieties. Be prepared for this young plants wont stay so small. If you want a short banana tree plant, you need to invest in a dwarf banana tree, like Musa Dwarf.

Keep the area surrounding the banana plants free of weeds and other plants. Adding a layer of mulch will help to prevent weeds from returning to the garden.

Water your banana trees whenever the soil feels dry. Avoid standing water, however. Mix some fertilizer with the water each time you water the area, and check the soil frequently to see how dry or moist it is.

You wont need to prune your banana plants unless you want to scale them back for esthetic purposes, or if you wish to cultivate seedlings for new plants. Remove damaged or rotted leaves and fruit periodically.

After fruiting, cut the banana plant down to the ground. The mother plant will no longer be able to produce fruit, so by cutting it down, youre essentially allowing the roots to regenerate and produce a new plant.

In cold weather, you can store coldtolerant varieties of banana plants for the winter. Cut the plants down to the ground and cover the area with a thick layer of mulch. Top off the mulch with a layer of strong plastic to provide insulation to keep the roots and soil around them as warm as possible.

Alternatively, you can bring the entire plant or just the root system indoors for the winter. If the plants are on the smaller side, you can simply dig them up and replant them in containers. Keep them indoors near a sunny window without drafts, and tend to them as you would a houseplant.

For larger banana trees, strip back all of the leaves before digging up the roots. Gently brush off any excess soil from the root system and replant the trunk in a large container filled with slightly dampened sand. Bring the plant indoors and store in a warm area of your home. Dont water or fertilize at all; instead, allow the plant to go dormant for the winter, and replant in your garden when the weather is warmer.

Shimmering Field Of Vision

Shimmering Field Of Vision

Without any warning, what looks like jagged flashes of lightning bolts that shimmer around an object can usually interfere with or obscure ones field of vision. When this happens, you might think that you are seeing things or getting insane. This seemingly hallucinatory episode usually lasts for 1520 minutes and may or may not be followed by a headache.

While a migraine is an extremely painful headache caused by a dilation and constriction of the arteries in the head, a visual migraine, on the other hand, is a condition believed to be of the same cause as a migraine, but instead of the spasm affecting the surface of the brain, it affects the ocular blood supply. This results in vasospasm, a spasm of arteries behind the eye, which shuts off blood flow to the optic nerve.

Unlike a blacking out of vision or total blindness, a visual migraine is like a temporary loss of vision associated with bright flashing lights and jagged geometric lines. A visual hallucination is actually a matter of erception that does not involve any external stimuli or sensory data. Thus, the persons frequent jagged geometric auras qualify as visual hallucination. However, it is important to understand that having visual hallucinations in connection with a visual migraine doesnt mean the person is becoming insane, which is a common misinterpretation.

Visual disturbance usually starts in the peripheral vision,s consisting of an almost circular, jagged, shimmering spot which enlarges and moves to the center area, obscuring vision. The light is described to be of a pale pastel shade. After 20 minutes, this episode disappears and a mild headache may or may not occur. Many people experiencing this condition often complain of tiredness and mood changes.

While there is no known cause of migraines, it is believe that stress can trigger them. The weekend headache usually follows the stress relief of a frenetic week during which the blood vessels in the head relax and constrict. Eyerelated headaches occur after extended periods of reading, watching television, computer work, or anything that requires intense concentration. A tendency for the eyes to cross or drift outward may also bring on headaches, as well as eyestrain related to wearing of eyeglasses. However, symptoms from headaches can be extremely variable and may be dependent on the underlying problem. It is important to remember that this conditon is a nuerological problem, not an eye problem.

Sermons On Christmas

Sermons On Christmas

Sermons on Christmas are certainly the mostheard sermons of the year assuming we include Christmas Eve as well as Christmas. An obvious choice for a sermon topic is to talk about Christ, as Christmas celebrates his birth. Less obvious choices include topical sermons which may reach a number of people in a community where there are problems or issues that have not been adequately addressed in other realms.

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year, but from the perspective of pure faith, it has been confused and corrupted by a commercial influence. A minister may want to use sermons on Christmas as an opportunity to bring focus back to the meaning of the holiday. Even as we sing Christmas carols, it is easy to get swept up in the joy and beauty of the music without truly thinking about the meaning of the words, but listening to a sermon provides an opportunity for concentration and reflection.

Of course, Christmas is also a lovely time to share stories and modern tales of Christian values. What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than affirming the legacy of tolerance, kindness, and love that he sought to bring to his followers? When the news every day tells stories of bleakness, violence, and ugliness, it may be most timely on an occasion such as Christmas services to remember that there are millions of people attempting to live quiet, decent lives, and that many of them perform deeds of generosity and kindness daily in the service of God.

Sermons on Christmas may be the most daunting for a minister to write, and it is not out of the question that he or she would search for inspiration or assistance when seeking the words to use or the stories to tell to reach a congregation. The Internet can be an invaluable resource, with sites to browse and purchase or download sermons. Whether you are looking for a Christmas sermon, or words on any other topic of interest, you can get started now browsing for something to suit your needs and situation.

Reborn diner celebrates with cruise

Reborn diner celebrates with cruise

The reborn Bobs Big Boy drivein diner in Downey, Calif. will be celebrated with a cruisein on Saturday, Sept. 26.

It was gone. Bulldozed into a scrap pile like far too much American history. Johnies Broiler was just an old fashioned drivein restaurant, wasnt it? It was more than that to the city of Downey, California. This was part of the towns soul, a beautiful jewel from an optimistic age, a landmark whose googie architecture had delighted area residents for generations. And it was gone.

But sometimes, miracles happen. Due largely to the efforts of dedicated individuals, the Modernism Committee of the Los Angeles Conservancy, and the City of Downey, an irreplacable local landmark has risen from the rubble of the wrecking ball. But this happy ending didnt take place without drama, the original building was Illegally demolished and its lessee arrested before the dust settled. Now, because people cared enough to save their history, Johnies has been reborn as a Big Boy restaurant with its original architecture restored to pristine mid2oth Century glory.

Jim and Karen Lauder of Palos Verdes rebuilt the former Johnies Broiler drivein and will operate it as a Bobs Big Boy. Recognizing the cultural importance of this classic American icon, the City of Downey is helping to subsidize the project.

The restaurant wont be open for a few weeks, but a is scheduled for Saturday, September 26 at the reborn temple to all that was holy about 1950s Americana.

The cruisein is sponsored by the Friends of Johnie Broiler and the Coalition to Rebuild the Broiler.

Anyone and everyone who pitched in to save this priceless piece of Americana deserves the biggest tip o the Classic Auto Examiners snapbrim driving cap ever.

PurePanties pics

PurePanties pics

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Super GrannyGame Review

Super Granny 5 Game Review

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Selling Homemade Cakes Online

Selling Homemade Cakes Online

Do you have what can be called a bakers Midas touch? Does every bit of sticky dough, every sprinkle of snowy flour, every dash of confectioners sugar, every last swirl of icing turn into gold as soon as youre finished with it? Do your friends constantly praise the scrumptious cakes you come up every birthday, Christmas or holiday and do your children, along with theirs, cant help sticking their little fingers in for a taste of your heavenly icing? Then you just might have what it takes to start an online cake selling business! Selling homemade cakes online not only requires that special talent in cakemaking, but also in marketing your products online!

What would be the advantages of having an online cake selling business? The biggest thing would be the definite lessening of needed capital just to start the business. Imagine: no need to rent a place to set up your own walkin bakeshop all you need for the business would be your personal kitchen at home, with your existing ingredients and tools. Of course, to keep an edge over the competition, you may have to buy more efficient equipments for your baking needs, and better, higher quality ingredients for your future cake sales. Starting out selling cakes online is definitely more costefficient than setting up your own bakery.

After ensuring that you have everything ready and waiting for cake orders, then it would be best to plan out and accomplish your homemade cake website. This would be where your future clients log in to preview all your available cakes and other goods. You dont have to hire a professional web designer for your website but make sure that the site is easy to navigate and the pictures available are not only attractive, but also accurate. It wouldnt do your business any good if the finished, delivered product is very different, and worse, inferior to the pictures on the site. Allowing this to happen greatly decreases your business credibility and even your future clients.

Clients and cake buyers nowadays have learned to effectively utilize the breadth and width of the Internets uses, especially in online shopping. Think about it: its definitely way easier for them to pick one from the cake pictures on the website and place an order. Everythings finished in just a matter of minutes, unlike if they had to travel out to the town or city bakery just to order a cake. In your case, however, if youre limited to close by orders, then theres no problem in delivering them personally home after you finish. Delivering to farther places might require you to strike a deal with a delivery company.

Working and enjoying at the same time is often a difficult feat, but with the right balance, you can just make money out of the activities you love doing. An additional tip can be to take personalized orders, complete with the clients requests and suggestions. Doing so will establish more rapport between you and the client, possibly enabling him/her to come back for more, and telling his/her friends about your exceptional service. Well, make sure that your cakes are exceptional too. This way, ordering your cakes online will be a happy experience for your client too.

Sales Metrics That Matter

Sales Metrics That Matter

Someone recently asked me to write a post on sales metrics. There are an infinite number of sales metrics you can track, so I decided to condense this list down to 10 sales metrics that matter. This had the makings of a long post, so I am broke it into to two parts look for conclusion later this week. For purposes of this post, I am focusing on metrics that are topical for companies that sell Managed Dedicated Hosting and/or ColocationConversion Rate Not from your website, but from proposals sent. You should strive for something greater than 20%. Anything lower and there is probably some issue with your sales people or process. If you are higher than 40% your team is either awesome or not sending enough proposals, be honest with yourself.Avg. Sales Per AE Good reps in our industry sell >$10K per month in new Monthly Recurring Revenue MRR, great reps consistently sell over $20K in new MRR per month. Anyone doing above $6K in New MRR is probably a serviceable rep assuming your compensation system isn unusually high. These numbers should be at least 50% higher in companies that only sell colocation. If your reps aren producing at these levels, you need to make a change to get them to these levels.UpSales vs. NewSales Most hosting companies are around 50/50 on this metric. If upsales are significantly higher than newsales you may have a marketing or sales problem. If newsales significantly outpace upsales, you are either successfully spending heavily on marketing / sales or you may have a retention issue see Net New MRR to confirm.Net New MRR Your MRR this month compared to MRR last month New MRR minus MRR Churn. Then benchmark this to the publically traded companies in our sector they report Net New MRR in their Quarterly Reports. For Managed Dedicated I use RackSpace RAX, Savvis SVVS and NaviSite NAVI for Colocation, I use Eqinix EQIX, Switch and Data SDXC and Terremark TMRK. If you are growing faster than the industry great job! If not then you have a problem that one of the other metrics in the post may help you pinpoint.Pipeline Tracking Is your pipeline growing or shrinking? You should track both the raw and probability adjusted pipeline. Additionally, use past pipelines to track AE accuracy and close rate. This metric will help you track sales rep efficiency, sales rep accuracy and project future sales. This is a self evolving metric, you need the inital data to figure out what is good for your company.

Reviewing Maintaining Your Plan

Reviewing Maintaining Your Plan

Ultimately, a business plan is about results, about making your business better. If you dont think doing a business plan will improve your business, then dont do one. Planning for plannings sake is a waste of time.

Where a plan is most likely to make your business better is by allowing you to:

Communicate your plan to others: partners, employees, lenders, and investors. You may have a great plan in your head, but as soon as you need to explain it to others, you need to write it down.

So how do you maintain your business plan? We have to first establish that without regular review monthly or at least quarterly review of your planned vs. actual results, with practical analysis of the reasons for variance planning is likely to be a waste of time.

Real planning requires regular reviews just as much as navigation requires knowing where you are as well as where you were and where you wanted to go.

Every real plan needs to be full of specific dates, budgets, forecasts, and management responsibilities. People involved have to know there will be tracking and following up on specifics. Then that plan must be reviewed against results, and those reviews should produce course corrections and fine tuning.

Generally a business hopes for a consistent longterm strategy built on shortstep incremental changes, not major revisions. Consistency is important to strategy, and the business should avoid the temptation to jump around from one strategy to another so quickly that no strategy is ever really implemented. Remember that even a mediocre strategy well and consistently implemented is much better than a brilliant strategy that wasnt implemented.

However, businesses do come to crossroads demanding major revisions in their business plan. These are some signs that indicate its time to review your plan:

Major changes in market situation. Look especially for changing market factors and changing market behavior.

Have your underlying business assumptions changed? As an example, the Internet has changed the business landscape so enormously that in some industries almost any plan that was developed without a view of the Internet may need revisions. That may not be true for a landscape architect or restaurant, but for a travel agent, graphic artist, or market researcher its obvious.

Do you have new competition? Have new competitors emerged, or existing competitors changed the business landscape so much that you need to review and revise?

Has the product or service picture changed? For example a new technology may have emerged, changing the market perception of what you sell. There may be new products or services offering related solutions to the same user needs you satisfy.

Major changes in internal situation. The most obvious major changes are changes in ownership, which are frequently the result of changing partnerships, divorces, deaths, and investment. The company takes on new partners, or sells out to a larger company. On a more ominous note, the company suffers significant declines in sales, profits, and financial health.

Always keep the revision in perspective. While you do want to review and correct constantly, you dont want to change a strategy unless you are sure it isnt working or you see real changes in the underlying assumptions that formed the foundations of strategy.

The purpose of maintaining your plan is to use business results to guide your future decisions. The plan itself has no value if it doesnt help you improve business. Thats regardless of how good or bad, how brilliant the ideas, writing, or how elaborate the tables and charts. Its value is the decisions it leads to.

That means, of course, that to make a plan worth the effort of developing it, youll want to follow it up. Whether thats every month or every quarter, you need to track results, analyze the difference between plan and actual results, and manage. Change things that need to be changed. Compare what you planned to what happened in reality. Ask yourself the following questions:

What went wrong, and how can we fix it?

What went right, and how can we take advantage of it?

What changes took place in the competitive landscape that could be updated in the plan?

What changes took place affecting our market that could be updated in the plan?

What changes took place internally in our organization that could be updated in the plan?

After youve answered these questions, update your plan accordingly, set new budgets and milestones, adjust your financials, and repeat the process with another review of your plan again next month or next quarter. Update your plan accordingly again, and keep repeating. Youll find that maintaining your business plan gives you a better grasp on your business, your market, and everything else that happens with your company.

Solutia SOA buyout shareholder lawsuit

Solutia SOA buyout shareholder lawsuit

Solutia utilizes approximately 3, 400 people in above 50 locations around the world, and reported $1. 67 billion dollars in annual gross income for 2009, together with $984 million within revenues through May 30, 2010, for their continued operations nylon revenue not included in figures; new acquisitions shipped with figures for 2010 simply. Michael Donnelly : President and General Manager, Technical ExpertiseSolutia and its parent company Monsanto arranged in 2003 to cover $700 million to be in claims by 20, 000 Anniston, The state of alabama residents over PCB toxins. 7 Monsanto documents indicate the company routinely dumped PCBs within the land and water method to obtain Anniston and protected up its behavior for greater than 40 years. 8 Inside 2008, PCBs were seen outside Anniston High school. 9

Solutias Springfield, Massachusetts plant rates high as 4 on the EPAs top several facilities that reported the main quantity of on together with offsite environmental lets off in Massachusetts according to TRI for 2007. 10

Solutias Delaware River Plant is responsible for contaminating the soil and also the groundwater with a few old hazardouswaste discretion areas, a phenol equalization lagoon, a pair of sludge lagoons, your rawwaste lagoon, an activity sewer system, the stormwater drainage ditch, and a finished Resource Conservation as well as Recovery Act RCRA governed hazardous waste landfill. 11

The Solutia AES Property Site near to the Kanawha River in Nitro, West Virginia, was found by way of the EPA to get 18 buried, deteriorating drums containing dioxin. EPA determined if you have a threat to open health or welfare or the environment existed as a consequence of release or risk of release of dioxin within the site. 12

The Solutia facility with Sauget, Illinois strengthens emitting PCBs, benzene, chlorobenzene, lead, and mercury. Solutia accomplished an interim therapy in 2004 so that you can contain, intercept, and collect polluted groundwater discharging and causing environmental impacts to the Mississippi River. 13

Within 2006, the EPA filed suit against Solutia, Cover Oil, and Mallinckrodt above hazardous materials available at the Great Lakes Container Corp. with St. Louis, Missouri. Inside 1995, a fire alerted officials with the potential dangers in the 11acre fortyfive, 000 m2 web site, and environmental investigations turned up buried drums regarding hazardous materials, asbestos and high amounts of lead and polychlorinated biphenyls. Depending on the consent decree, 61, 650 tons involving soil contaminated with PCBs and lead was faraway from the site as were more than 800 buried percussion. 14

Solutias Chocolate Bayou Alvin center ranked 1 within the EPAs top fifteen facilities in Tx for total onsite and additionally offsite releases of chemicals in 09.

Restore Your Gallbladder

Restore Your Gallbladder

Unfortunately by simply changing your diet to natural, healthy foods, eating plenty of fiber and using only good natural oils unprocessed wont clear your Liver and Gallbladder of Gallstones. Ok, it might help you feel better but it wont get rid of that greasy sludge Cholesterol choking the gallbladder and biliary tract. Cholesterol is a byproduct of protein and fat digestion.

By eating a high protein diet in conjunction with highly processed foods such as red meat, sausage, bacon, chicken, eggs, pork, onions, milk, corn, cheese, pizza, burgers, French fries, potato chips, pies, pastries etc, you are only increasing the risk of developing stones in the biliary tract, whether in the liver, gallbladder or both.

Alternatively a low protein, low fat diet rich in nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables and fruit are often advised as a preventive measure. Also the addition of bitter herbs and spices such as fennel, cumin, coriander, garlic and cayenne pepper will also help reduce, digest and eliminate excess cholesterol from the body.

Scientists in India have shown how curcumin a compound derived from turmeric and capsaicin a compound found in chillies also provide protection of gallstone formation.

By following four simple rules you can help avoid gallbladder problems and keep yourself free of gallstones. Water is important for flushing many of your organs of toxins. Enjoy eating healthy oils on a regular basis as part of your diet. alfalfa, apples, artichokes, barley, broccoli, carrots, celery, grapefruit, lemons, oats, olive oil, radishes, spinach, watermelon, garlic, lemons and asparagus.

Of course, in order for any of the above dietary information to be effective you first need to clear your gallbladder and liver of any gallstones that are already there.

One of the most effective and safest ways to clear Gallstones is the Liver and Gallbladder flush. However, please be aware that you follow a reliable source of information.

Many of the online methods that I have researched have failed to include a simple but vital step that if omitted from the preflush preparation will virtually guarantee failure, even cause pain and serious damage to your bile ducts.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

One of the difficulties involved in complying with all government regulations is that there are a myriad of laws which someone in your company must fully comprehend. On the financial front, for example, the SarbanesOxley Act outlines procedures that must be followed regarding internal procedures relevant to financial reporting. There also regulations that protect the privacy of individuals, such as HIPAA.

These and other federal regulations that are now in place demand higher levels of security, privacy, and accountability. To cope with many of these issues, companies may turn to their IT staff even more than their legal or HR staffs to ensure that they are meeting these standards. This could mean putting other projects on the backburner and working on technology that will allow the company to obtain regulatory compliance.

While some companies are working to develop solutions to comply with current regulations, others are seeking solutions that will be more viable in the long term. For example, the USA Patriot Act may evolve in the future and have additional requirements added to it with which companies will have to comply. You should consider how easily your IT solutions can be adapted to meet future requirements for compliance while also meeting todays standards.

Know with Which Regulations You Must Comply

Common functions of regulatory compliance software involve maintaining financial records, archiving emails, and protecting the confidentiality of individuals. Before you purchase regulatory compliance software, you should know exactly what you need to purchase. For example, if you do not deal with patients, then you have very little need to purchase software that will ensure HIPAA compliance. If you talk with a software vendor without doing your homework, you could end up unnecessarily spending a large amount of money.

Pregnancy traditions in China

Pregnancy traditions in China

The Chinese have one of the oldest living cultures in the world. Traditions have been passed down for generations there are beliefs about every aspect of life. As well as being influenced by Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism there are also a lot of local beliefs and superstitions. Pregnancy is one of the most special human experiences so you wont be surprised to find that there are plenty of Chinese traditions surrounding this event. It should be noted that China is a huge country and so beliefs differ from place to place, but here are some of the most common beliefs.

Pregnancy traditions in China begin from the moment a couple gets married. In the west it is common for the husband to carry his wife over the threshold of their new home, and the China have this but with a twist. The husband is expected to carry his wife over a pan of burning coal as this is believed to later ensure that her labor will pass smoothly.

The Chinese tend to believe that any thoughts a pregnant woman has will be passed onto the baby growing inside her. This is why she is expected to guard her thinking and make sure that her behavior is irreproachable. The expecting mother should provide the life inside her with plenty of intellectual stimulation and she can do this by reading plenty of poetry and other fine literature. Chinese women are expected not to have sex during their pregnancy. They are also encouraged to avoid looking at anything unaesthetic like clashing colors as this too could have a negative impact on her growing child. If the mother talks softly and swings her arms it is believed to have great benefits for her unborn as well.

The Chinese believe that furniture should not be moved in the house during pregnancy, and that pictures and mirrors should not be hung on the wall. Glue and adhesives should be completely avoided as this could lead to problems with childbirth. Some women will put knives under their bed to ward off evil spirits. Pregnant Chinese women are not meant to attend any funerals.

Food is another important thing to consider during pregnancy. Sour foods are believed to be the cause of miscarriage. Eating food that is not properly cut or mashed will later cause the child to be careless with things. If the mother mostly eats light colored food then this will mean that the infant will have light skin. During labor the mother a special herbal tea will be used to help with the pain, and the mother should completely avoid eating squid as this could make delivery be sticky. There are also special food that the mother will be expected to eat after the baby is born.

How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

As you probably noticed, by default Facebook pages are really long, nearly impossible to remember URLs. This is probably fine for the typical user. However, if you use Facebook as a selfpromotional tool for yourself or a social media marketing tool for your business, then you absolutely should think about taking advantage of a custom Facebook URL.

Facebook allows you to create custom URLs for your Facebook profile and business pages. Even if your Facebook page is already well established, there is no reason to worry about changing your Facebook address later because everyone who had bookmarked your old Facebook website address will now get forwarded to the new address whenever they click on your old Facebook link.

Currently you need at least 25 fans of your Facebook business page to get a vanity URL. For more information you can get help when logged into Facebook by viewing this page for additional tips and their FAQ on picking and setting up personalized Facebook usernames.

Benefits of Having a Shorter Customized Facebook Address

Quicker for you and your friends to get too

You get to pick your text, with the possibility of getting it to match your company or website name, which will make it easier to find your business on Facebook and in the search engines such as Google

Looks more professional when used in your marketing material and on your business website

These are just a few great reasons for creating a short customized Facebook URL for your business fan page or personal profile. But, I can think of a single reason for you not to create one. So if you have a minute, and haven set one up yet. I recommending getting yours NOW!

How To Get Elementary School Kids To Pay Attention

How To Get Elementary School Kids To Pay Attention

One of the biggest hurdles for many elementary teachers is getting and keeping their charges attention. When most people think of an elementary classroom, they envision a boiling mass of little bodies wiggling and little voices making a hum of commotion. A skilled teacher knows, however, that even the youngest elementary student can learn to pay attention when needed. They also know the tricks for focusing students with attention issues, and they can keep a group quiet and listening to lessons. There arent really any deep, dark secrets. The ways to get children to focus and maintain attention are the exact same things that help other people pay attention when they need to.

The first step to getting kids to pay attention is to get them to notice that their attention is needed. They need to see that someone wants their attention. Little kids have a remarkable focus on what they are already doing sometimes, and so attention signals need to be strong enough to get through their concentration on whatever they are already involved with. Many times, you can cause a change in the environment to get them to take notice. Flip the lights off and on, play some musical notes, or clap your hands to help them understand that you need them to take a quick break from what they are doing currently and listen up.

Since children often have a difficult time with transitions, try using this first attentiongetting step to give them a fiveminute warning to finish the task at hand. Kids will change activities more readily if they can have an opportunity to finish up what theyre already engaged in. If you neglect this, and try to move straight from one activity to the next, you will be setting some children up for failure. Their minds will still be on what they were doing when they were interrupted, and they wont be able to concentrate on the things you have to say or teach.

Transition effectively. Effective transitions have four parts. Get the groups attention, clean up and put away materials from the old activity, shift focus, and begin the new activity. These four steps need to happen in order for the group to be ready to pay attention to you. The shifting focus step can be a tricky one, and it can be helpful to physically move the group from one area to another to help them make the shift to the new activity. Even if you dont ultimately go anywhere, it can help to simply get up and march or walk around the room and back to their seats or work stations.

Make connections with familiar information or prior knowledge. We all know that it is very difficult to focus on college level lectures that are outside of our field or to read literature that we can barely understand. This is because we dont have the background to make the necessary connections for good comprehension. You can help children over this hurdle by pointing out those connections as you begin lessons. Start with pointing out familiar or known material that is related to what you are teaching, and then move into the new territory.