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How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

How to Get a Custom Facebook URL

As you probably noticed, by default Facebook pages are really long, nearly impossible to remember URLs. This is probably fine for the typical user. However, if you use Facebook as a selfpromotional tool for yourself or a social media marketing tool for your business, then you absolutely should think about taking advantage of a custom Facebook URL.

Facebook allows you to create custom URLs for your Facebook profile and business pages. Even if your Facebook page is already well established, there is no reason to worry about changing your Facebook address later because everyone who had bookmarked your old Facebook website address will now get forwarded to the new address whenever they click on your old Facebook link.

Currently you need at least 25 fans of your Facebook business page to get a vanity URL. For more information you can get help when logged into Facebook by viewing this page for additional tips and their FAQ on picking and setting up personalized Facebook usernames.

Benefits of Having a Shorter Customized Facebook Address

Quicker for you and your friends to get too

You get to pick your text, with the possibility of getting it to match your company or website name, which will make it easier to find your business on Facebook and in the search engines such as Google

Looks more professional when used in your marketing material and on your business website

These are just a few great reasons for creating a short customized Facebook URL for your business fan page or personal profile. But, I can think of a single reason for you not to create one. So if you have a minute, and haven set one up yet. I recommending getting yours NOW!