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Shrink Video File Size

Shrink Video File Size

Sure the web video revolution is in full swing but theres one area that seems to get neglected and thats the HUGE size of video files on your computer.

It called SUPER and you can this miraculous application to convert and resize your video files. No obligation, no email or registration. Im not affiliated with this software.

YouTube suggests your final video be:

MPEG4 Divx, Xvid format320x240 resolutionMP3 audio30 frames per secondYou can take nearly any type of digital video file and shrink it to meet those specifications by using SUPER.

If youre creating your own videos from scratch, here are a few postproduction tips from our friend Spot from his Vegas Editing Workshop book my summary.

A dissolve differs from a fade in that a video can ONLY fade from black to full video Fade In or Fade Up or TO black Fade out or Fade To Black. Thats how they taught us in film school!

Why avoid using them? If youve read my previous blog post on the subject youll remember that the encoding process makes note of CHANGES from frame to frame.

So if you have a 30 second video shot from a moving car every part of every frame is moving changing and this will create a huge and difficult to stream file.