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New mph signs will make us check our speed

New 20mph signs will make us check our speed

This 20mph project is as much about educating people to think about how fast they drive and to encourage them to go slower rather than penalising those who break the limit. And whilst it may not be perfect it deserves our support.

these signs up might make me keep an eye on my speed, but for me the point is always missed. Speed is not the issue it is the person behind the wheel that makes any difference at all. Ive been lucky enough to avoid any accidents in 30 odd years of driving. This is down to me basically concentrating every second Im at the wheel and basically assuming other drivers and particularly bikes and pedestrians are idiots. Driving through Bath every evening you effectively see the latter using roads as an extension of a pavement and think it is up to you to avoid them in the road rather than vice versa. Of course if I knock somebody over being someone with a conscience I would blame myself for the rest of my life even though it was not my fault. while driving or who tailgate/intimidate within an inch of you even if you are keeping up with the car in front. These are the real threats to safety yet they normally get away with murder and leave the decent people to get caught doing 35 in a 30 zone when someone who averages 50 wherever they go in town gets away with it. Time for a change.

Lancaster Guardian

Lancaster Guardian

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Cyber sleuths alert Windows XP users against hacking attempts

Cyber sleuths alert Windows XP users against hacking attempts

Indian cyber security sleuths have issued an alert for those using the popular XP as operating system in their computers and laptops and advised upgrade of software against hacking attempts. end of support of Windows XP Operating System means that Microsoft will not provide security updates, nonsecurity hotfixes, free or paid assisted support and any online technical support for the Windows XP. In the absence of patches and security updates for the Windows XP OS, the computer systems would be at greater risks and could be easily compromised by the hackers.

would also be compliance issues due to un supported and unpatched components in the IT infrastructure which may result in noncompliance and suspension of certifications by the certifying and auditing organizations. The software vendors and hardware manufacturers will also stop support for Windows XP on their new versions and models, the Computer Emergency Response TeamIndia CeRTIN said in its latest advisory to computer users in India.

is recommended that all the users and organisations using Window XP OS in their environment should immediately plan for upgradation to the latest available OS according to their requirement and test software applications well before April, 2014, it said. According to officials, the maximum of Indian computer and laptop users operate on Windows platform and after the recent declaration, users should keep themselves informed about the new and secure OS available in the market.

Microsoft had initially released Windows XP OS in August 2001. The current release version of Windows XP is called the Windows XP Service Pack 3. Since then, three successor versions of client based

OS namely Windows Vista in November 2006, Windows 7 in July 2009 and Windows 8 in August 2012 were released by Microsoft. The latest client based OS available from the Microsoft stable is Windows 8.

hardware clerk stabbed to death

hardware clerk stabbed to death

Daymond Agnew, 34, told investigators that Allah told him to go into the El Sobrante hardware store in Contra Costa County to help people on Sunday, prosecutors said.In the back of the store, he spraypainted his face, saying Allah favors the Raiders, or words to that effect, deputy district attorney Marty Knox said.Agnew remained in custody on Tuesday. Family members said they were devastated by his arrest.The whole family is completely stunned, Agnews aunt, Rita Fortson of St. Petersburg, Fla., told the Contra Costa Times. None of us believe he would just walk into a store and stab someone. We just think something might have snapped.Agnew also told investigators that he walked last week from his Sacramento home to a relatives house in Hercules, a trip of about 60 miles. Agnew spent Saturday night at a relatives home before awakening on Sunday and trekking to the hardware store, Knox said.The events recounted by witnesses at the store were jumbled because of the confusion and apparent randomness of the knife attack that killed 51yearold Daniel Joseph Stone, the prosecutor said.Coworkers at first thought Stone was being punched during a scuffle in the back of the store as he yelled out for someone to call 911. Knox said Agnew pursued Stone through a door and continued to stab him outside when the clerk stumbled and fell.Stone was stabbed 17 times before the attacker fled across the creek and ended up in the backyard of Richard Oliver, the owner of the hardware store, scooped up the family dog and went inside the house.Knox said family members fled and flagged down a sheriffs deputy responding to the 911 call. A bloody folding knife was found nearby. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Human blood types have deep evolutionary roots

Human blood types have deep evolutionary roots

Chimps, gibbons and other primates are not just humans evolutionary cousins; a new analysis suggests they are also our blood brothers. The A, B and O blood types in people evolved at least 20 million years ago in a common ancestor of humans and other primates, new research suggests.

The analysis deepens a mystery surrounding the evolutionary history of the ABO blood system, and should prompt further research into why the different blood groups have persisted over time, Laure Sgurel of the University of Chicago and colleagues report online October 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Their evidence is rather convincing that this is a shared, very old capability that has remained throughout the divergence of the species, says doctor and transfusion specialist Martin Olsson of Lund University in Sweden.

Different forms of a single blood type gene determine what types of molecules sit on your red blood cells: type A molecules, type B molecules, A and B together, or no intact surface molecules in the case of type O O was originally called type C, then was changed to O for the German ohne, meaning without.

The A, B and O versions of the gene differ only slightly, and scientists have debated two scenarios to explain their evolution. One posits that the A version of the gene existed long ago, and the B and/or O versions later cropped up independently in several species including humans, gorillas, baboons and chimps. Alternatively, all of those species may have inherited the A and B types from a single ancestor.

To get some bloody perspective on the matter, researchers led by Sgurel looked at a particular stretch of DNA in the blood type gene in humans, bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and several species of monkey. Then the scientists compared that stretch of DNA across species on the larger primate family tree. The pattern they saw suggests that the A and B blood groups were around at least 20 million years ago, well before the chimphuman split, and probably as far back as the common ancestor of humans and oldworld monkeys. Sections of DNA in the human A version, for example, more closely matched the A version that gibbons have than the human B version of the gene.

Exactly why evolution would favor a mix of blood types in so many species is a mystery. Depending on blood type, people are more or less susceptible to particular pathogens. Type O people, for example, are more susceptible to cholera and plague, while people with type A are more susceptible to smallpox. Blood group diversity may have been maintained for so long because each version was immunologically advantageous in certain times and places.

That diversity may have led to protection against whatever might come your way, says glycoimmunologist Brian Cobb of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

People with type A are also more prone to dangerous blood clots, Olsson says. Thats a disadvantage in the modern world, but in the days when humans and their ancestors were having babies in caves and fighting predators without the option of an emergency room, such clotting may have been beneficial.

When we couldnt do transfusions or patch people together it may have been good to coagulate better, he says. If that mammoth or Siberian tiger got you, you wouldnt want to bleed to death.

No Craig, you have that incorrect. There were many people in the ancestral line at all times. The full set of chromosomes is derived from all of those ancestors. The y chromosome lineage means only that that one particular line of males never had a generation that was all females. The same with the mitochondria in the female line. That one line, which has diversified into all the existing lines, never had a generation that was all male. Every chromosome had an ancestor and if you could trace every single genetic line for every chromosome you would find that they all came from hundreds of ancestors. Shouldnt it be expected that AB become the dominant blood group, followed by A and B blood groups and finally in least spot, diminishing numbers of O. I understand why O blood levels fell during the Bubonic Plagues across Europe, and has made a come back with other disease attacking A, B and AB blood groups. But this doesnt seem to have happened with either the Gorilla or the Chimp groups, which seem to keep the O blood group down very low.

How To Find Cashmere Yarn

How To Find Cashmere Yarn

When you are trying to find cashmere yarn for that elegant project you are about to undertake you will definitely want to be picky. You might want to look locally, though your selection will more than likely be very limited. The best place to look these days is online, and the choices are many.

You will want to make sure that you have the proper weight yarn, as many projects depend upon this being correct if the finished project is to look and feel right. Be sure to buy from a reputable site, as you will want to make sure you get what you are expecting. With so many flybynight operations out there these days, you will not want to throw away your money especially since any cashmere yarn that you find is likely to be somewhat expensive. Be sure to inspect the needle specifications on the yarn that you do select, as this can make a difference in the outcome of your project.

Cashmere is a wool which is harvested from goats during their annual shedding season. Goats are raised in extremely cold high desert climates and grow a dense inner coat for warmth; once the season changes they will shed. The underbelly and throat area of goats will produce the finest cashmere. This cashmere is sheared to produce the best cashmere yarns. Natural colors, that are easily dyed, are white, gray and brown. Because it takes a single goat four years to produce enough wool to make one sweater, cashmere is extremely costly.

Because genuine cashmere is so expensive, there are a lot of blends available to make it more affordable for you to make a cashmere sweater. With the cost of 100% cashmere running in excess of fifty dollars for 150 yards you very well might want to consider a blend. If you intend to buy the pure cashmere, you could ask the seller for a few samples so that you can play with the samples a bit and determine exactly what you are looking for. This in the end will save time and money, and will help ward off any disappointment.

If you are looking for the genuine deal and you do find that perfect cashmere yarn for your project, be sure to ask many questions. Once you obtain your cashmere, be sure to knit a small square and get your gauge down to a science. Cashmere is hard to work with and you will want to get this project done perfectl,y so take your time and make it exquisite.

Haysville teen who drowned at Wellington Lake identified

Haysville teen who drowned at Wellington Lake identified

Travis Webb, 14, of Haysville was a threesport athlete at Clearwater Middle School who had graduated this month.

Chuck Reitberger, track coach at the school, said Webb was a dependable young man. was very wellliked by his peers, Reitberger said Tuesday. an absolute tragedy here. He was a good kid; I could always count on him.

Webb body was found Tuesday morning in a southeast corner of the lake known as Catfish Cove. His family said he was an inexperienced swimmer, according to a news release from the Wellington Police Department.

Reports from the search crew indicated the water was 8 to 10 feet deep in the area where he was found, Heath said.

Many of Webb friends tweeted throughout the night, saying they hoped he would be found alive and that they could not sleep until they knew what had happened.

could not believe what I was hearing Monday night, Webb friend Kayti Joyce told The Eagle on Facebook. is way too good of a person to be taken from us at such a young age.

spent the day crying and not knowing what to do with myself. Looking around at the pictures of us on my walls, I still can believe I won be seeing him again. of Webb wore pink on Tuesday to remember him. They said Webb who played football, basketball and track and was a member of the band in middle school would frequently wear pink in memory of his mother, who died of breast cancer.

Gigabyte eSport LANWrap Up Coverage

Gigabyte eSport LAN 2012 Wrap Up Coverage

Last weekend we attended Gigabytes first ever eSports LAN Tournament. This gathering was designed to be a massive PC gaming event that features eight of the worlds best eSports teams going head to head in Riots League of Legends and a 24 player StarCraft 2 invitational tournament. The event was held over a three day period on the campus of California Polytechnic University of Pomona and hosted by Gigabyte of course! with appearances by some top progamers. The event also hosted the LANFest sponsor the Bring Your Own Case where enthusiasts participated in minitournaments with tons of prizes. And when we say tons, it seemed like they were giving stuff away every hour in both the LANFest pavilion and Tournament area.

The GESL was not only streamed live on TwitchTV and open to the public. There was even a very good variety of hardware manufacturers who set up booths were setup for people to walk by and talk to company representatives and play with the latest hardware and games. Think of it as a smaller, more personal E3. Besides all the various giveaways, there was a purse for the pro tournament for over $21,000! Not so bad for an inaugural event.

We talked to Irene Huang, PR manager for Gigabyte as the doors were opening to find out her perspective of the weekend. Check out the video below to see what hosts Gigabyte expected from the weekend:

It took a little bit to get off the ground as the GESL hosts were having a bit of trouble with their internet connections on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona and some of the League of Legends teams not showing up for the signin, but it really didnt take long for the wrinkles where ironed out. GESL officials expected 500 registered guests on the first day, which by the looks of things, they achieved. Tickets were a very reasonable $15 that allowed you to have a front row seat to all the action for all three days, not to mention a nice goodie bag which included a guest badge, Tshirt, and many vendor coupons and ads!.

After the eSports group drawings, the teams relaxed in their practice rooms until it was their time to start their game. As you can see, there were a lot of heavy hitters on the StarCraft 2 side include representatives from Team Slayers and Evil Geniuses.

For those that dont know, StarCraft is a military science fiction realtime strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft 2, also known as Wings of Liberty, is set in the 26th century in a distant part of the Milky Way, the game revolves around three species: the Terrans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. The tournament tested 24 of the best players skills in a hybrid format single elimination bracket that would ensure an intense match up. There was a surprise in this tournament for the players; they would not know which group they were in till the day of the match up. GESL ended up being one of the most watched eSports events of the year so far and it didnt hurt that the reset on the StarCraft 2 Ladder coincided with tournament week.

We took a closer look at the Red Bull StarCraft 2 Competition Booth and for those who have never been to a professionallevel eSports competition, they place the competitors inside a fairly soundproof box with identical gaming rigs in this case CyberpowerPC who provide all the gaming rigs for GESL 2012. The players brought in their own keyboard and mice and plugged up. For this SC2 tournament, there used a Benq 24 monitor as you can see below.

A little later on in the day, the League of Legends tournament got started. League of Legends is a fast paced team oriented online game which will test both the skill and mind of the player. In League of Legends you will be a powerful summoner who calls forth champions to fight on the field of justice. The battles take place in unique worlds in 5v5 or 3v3 combat style. You as a summoner will be able to choose from over 75 different champions.

At GESL 2012 there were eight teams pitted against each other giving the spectators amazing matches. The Shout casters for the pool play and the single elimination bracket were Torch and Wombat. The eight teams at the GESL were Curse, Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming CLG, Team Green Forest, Dirtnap Gaming, Team Dynamic, MTW, and CLG Black. The teams where put into two groups with the winner of group A, Team Dynamic and group B winner, Team SoloMid.

The overall winner As for the winner of the elimination bracket that would be Team SoloMid with CLG Black taking Second place and Counter Logic Gaming coming in at third place.

Over at the LANFest Hall Intel sponsored a BYOC for attendees to play against each other in the Bring Your Own Computer BYOC LAN competition. The BYOC LAN featured tournaments in Battlefield 3, League of Legends, Civilization, CounterStrike: GO, StarCraft 2, and even a Water Balloon Egg Toss!