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New mph signs will make us check our speed

New 20mph signs will make us check our speed

This 20mph project is as much about educating people to think about how fast they drive and to encourage them to go slower rather than penalising those who break the limit. And whilst it may not be perfect it deserves our support.

these signs up might make me keep an eye on my speed, but for me the point is always missed. Speed is not the issue it is the person behind the wheel that makes any difference at all. Ive been lucky enough to avoid any accidents in 30 odd years of driving. This is down to me basically concentrating every second Im at the wheel and basically assuming other drivers and particularly bikes and pedestrians are idiots. Driving through Bath every evening you effectively see the latter using roads as an extension of a pavement and think it is up to you to avoid them in the road rather than vice versa. Of course if I knock somebody over being someone with a conscience I would blame myself for the rest of my life even though it was not my fault. while driving or who tailgate/intimidate within an inch of you even if you are keeping up with the car in front. These are the real threats to safety yet they normally get away with murder and leave the decent people to get caught doing 35 in a 30 zone when someone who averages 50 wherever they go in town gets away with it. Time for a change.