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now Salman Khan to go to jail foryrs

now Salman Khan to go to jail for 10 yrs

Mumbai, June 24: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan must be tense today Monday, June 24 as a session court in Mumbai is likely to deliver its verdict on the actors plea in connection with Hit and Run case.

The actor may follow his Bollywood colleague Sanjay Dutt to jail as it was reported that Salman Khan may face 10yearimprisonment if the court convicts the actor for culpable homicide not amounting to murder charge. Update: Salman Khan cornered, plea rejected; 10yrimprisonment likely

The actor had appealed against a magistrates order for his retrial in the 2002 hitandrun case under stringent charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Salman Khan was earlier tried by a magistrate under lesser charge of causing death by negligence Section 304A of IPC, that provides for a maximum punishment of two years in jail.

However, in a twist to the case, the metropolitan magistrate, after examining 17 witnesses, had brought forth the more serious charge of culpable homicide against the 47yearold actor and transferred it to a sessions court for retrial.

Advancing his argument against invoking the grave charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304 part II IPC, Salmans lawyer Ashok Mundargi had pleaded that the magistrates order was erroneous, bad in law and contrary to evidence on record.

The magistrate, he contended, had failed to appreciate that Salman Khan had neither the intention to kill people nor the knowledge that his rash and negligent driving would kill a person and cause injury to four others.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt lately was sent to Punes Yerwada Jail as he was convicted in arms act in connection with Bombay blasts 1993 case. Of the total term of five years, Dutt has already served 18 months in jail two decades ago and the Supreme Court, in its order of March 21, asked him to serve another 42 months..

Nodding Dogs

Nodding Dogs

The thought process seems to go like this.

have a car. Many people have the same car as me. My car is boring but I am quirky and interesting. I will decorate my car. My car will be as individual as me. I will buy a nodding dog. odd creations serve little purpose other than to sit on the parcel shelf of a car and amuse or annoy the occupants of the vehicle behind while stuck in traffic. The word nod is slightly misleading as the dogs head will exhibit a full range of twisting and shaking motions as well as nodding and occasionally falling off.

ConstructionOriginating in Germany, so legend goes, they usually consist of a hollow plastic body and separate hollow plastic head. The head is counterbalanced with a metal weight, normally a steel bolt that can be screwed in or out, so the head remains level when hung from the hook at the centre of the back of the neck. The hook passes through a loop at the top of an opening into the hollow body which is hopefully at an appropriate place for a head to join a body, but not always. Despite the American version of the name they are not related to the bobbing head dolls popular in Japan and the United States, which have a hollow head resting on a long neck stud protruding from the body section.

Operating InstructionsPlace the dog on the parcel shelf, or other convenient location, in a car. The changes in direction and velocity of the car in which the nodding dog is placed causes the head to oscillate at varying frequencies and in a variety of directions, producing the socalled nodding effect.

The placement of the dog need not be restricted to a car or other motor vehicle but if its situated on a windowsill or table it will need to be poked, prodded or flicked in order for one to experience the full nodding action.

DecorationNormally covered with coloured flock1 Most of the decorative markings are traditional. The Dalmatian puppy, for example, will nearly always have the spots in the same place regardless of manufacturer. Most are undoubtedly ugly while some have a distinctly deformed appearance. This apparently adds to their charm.

NotesProbably the first of a long line of fun car decorations, for some reason shunned by the furry dice brigade for being naff. They were unfortunately followed by a spate of StickonGarfields, a stuffed toy version of a cartoon cat, designed to be fixed with suction pads to the window of a car for the same purpose as the nodding dogs but without the nodding. Things went further down hill with the production of a figure of a man designed to amuse or cause offence when a remote control was operated and the said figure dropped its trousers and exposed its buttocks.

Mom of Rolling murder victim opposes access to crime photos

Mom of Rolling murder victim opposes access to crime photos

The story looked at the issue because of recent court hearings over access to the videotape of a killer whale attack on a trainer at SeaWorld in February and a request by a reporter for crime scene photos in the death of a hiker, who was found decapitated in North Georgia in January 2008.

In the CNN story, Ada Larson said she couldnt have imagined what it would have been like if photos of her daughter had been made released. After a court hearing during which the victims families sought to seal the photos, the media and public were allowed to view the photos but not to make copies.

Retired Circuit Judge Stan Morris also was interviewed. Morris had to decide whether to seal or release photos from the Gainesville slayings and autopsies.

The spirit of the ruling is very clear. You have two competing interests, and they are both valid. You have the publics right to inspect how their money is being used, but there is a way that you can accomplish that and respect the rights of the families to privacy, he said..

The Testosterone Dilemma

The Testosterone Dilemma

If you ever wondered why modern American life seems bent on making you less of a man, a new study from Northwestern University may have your answer. Raising children decreases men testosterone, reports the study. But emerging evidence suggests that men have less testosterone today than their fathers did, most likely owing to increasing rates of obesity and possible exposure to environmental toxins. Add this to the results of the Northwestern study, and they add up to a grim prognosis for middleaged men helping their wives raise children in a polluted world. It also adds up to a vast target market for the obvious cure: testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT.

The sales pitch for TRT reads like a wish list for every man on Earth: build muscle, trim fat, improve mood, recharge energy, crank up sex drive. No wonder prescriptions for the therapy have jumped 500 percent over the past 18 years. But while more men are trying TRT, a fierce debate rages among doctors about the safety and ethics of prescribing it to anyone without a defined deficiency. The therapy has serious side effects, and the longterm risks aren known and may not be for decades.

Approximately 30 percent of men ages 40 to 79 are affected by hypogonadism, also called androgen deficiency, a condition marked by testosterone levels below 300 ng/dL nanograms per deciliter, with symptoms that include muscle atrophy, weight gain, exhaustion, depression, bad sleep, disinterest in sex, and/or erectile dysfunction. Before prescribing TRT for hypogonadism, a responsible doctor will recommend lifestyle changes to raise testosterone levels, including weight loss, exercise, and better sleep, says Dr. Harry Fisch, a professor of urology at Manhattan Weill Cornell Medical College. Only when these modifications fail to cure a patient do TRT benefits outweigh its risks, he adds.

The controversy surrounding TRT starts with doctors like Harvard Medical School Dr. healthy aging is associated with bad eyes, bad hearing, bad teeth, bad joints, bad blood vessels, bad hearts, and cancer. We treat all of these to improve the quality of life or to increase longevity. Should we withhold offering prescription glasses to older men and women because poor vision is common with advancing years?

Other doctors take this argument even further, advocating that TRT should be used to make men as vigorous as possible, regardless of age. Dr. Jeffry Life, the buff 72yearold star of many shirtless ads, became the poster boy for the Las Vegas Cenegenics Medical Institute precisely because his tremendous physique demonstrates how synthetic testosterone can help men defy expectations of frailty and physical decline. Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, catering to Colorado sportsenthusiast crowd at the Boulder Longevity Institute, says testosterone is highperformance medicine for people who don want to grow old: They want to be riding their bikes at 80. Her typical patient is a guy in his 40s or 50s who can keep up with his bikeriding buddies or with his wife in the bedroom. Testosterone can help change all that.

But it could also be argued that Yurth and Life are simply bringing men back up to the testosterone levels enjoyed by their forefathers. Populationwide, testosterone levels have dropped markedly in the past 20 years 16 percent in 65 to 69yearold men, for example. Obesity plays a role, since body fat helps turn testosterone into estrogen. But even when the research is corrected for weight and smoking, it suggests that other factors may be at play environmental toxins, perhaps. A study from the University of California, for example, found that atrazine, a common pesticide, is so high in estrogen that it can transform an adult male frog into a fully reproducing female.

Some doctors, like Life, believe that medicine current standard of low defined as anything under 300 ng/dL, with 500 to 700 considered healthy for men under age 40 is too low and that men should aim for a higher optimal target. Life likes to boost patients testosterone to 800 to 1,000 ng/dL, pointing to studies that show that men with testosterone levels in the upper 25 percent of normal have a lower risk of chronic disease. The typical story, Life explains, is that you go first to a traditional MD and say, know, I losing my edge. I going to the gym, but I dread it, and I losing muscle mass and strength, even though I working out, and I getting belly fat. So they give you a blood test, and your hormone levels come back at 300. You told you normal, so you walk out thinking, got normal testosterone. What up? What they won tell you is that you really a D student. And even if a doctor will treat you, Life adds, he shoot for a new target of 350 to 400, making you a C student.

But others warn that there could be a downside to having high testosterone, and that our bodies lower production for good reasons. For one, evidence suggests that high testosterone may accelerate prostate cancer. And the Northwestern study makes the point that lower testosterone levels in fathers may be an evolutionary occurrence, helping men become more sensitive and nurturing and, thereby, better dads. Yet Fisch and others counter that fathers declining testosterone levels aren evolutionary but a result of the demands of child raising. The lack of sleep, the lack of exercise, the belly starts showing up it that sedentary lifestyle, says Fisch.

While few doctors doubt that the more testosterone you take, the more muscle you build, some urologists, like Dr. Natan BarChama of New York City Mount Sinai Medical Center, question if more testosterone can also help other symptoms like depression, fatigue, and libido. Are there physicians saying your numbers are low, testosterone could help? asks BarChama. Yes. But are there also wellness centers giving people sesame oil and telling them it cure all diseases? Yes.

Studies on the relationship between testosterone and heart health have also been mixed. While large studies have shown lower mortality at higher testosterone levels, more recent research has found just the opposite, or that higher testosterone correlates with higher cardiac risk. One TRT study even had to be halted last year because of an uptick in cardiac events among subjects.

TRT has other side effects, too, including shrunken testicles, hair loss, acne, breast enlargement, and sterility. The therapy can also raise hematocrit levels red blood cell concentration, which in turn can help improve athletic performance. But if your hematocrit level gets too high, the blood can become so viscous that it increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. And what many patients don realize, says BarChama, is that testosterone is a lifelong therapy: Once you on, your body stops making its own. Your brain sees the level is normal and shuts down.

While regular tests can monitor increased cancer risk and unhealthy hematocrit levels, only an individual can decide if TRT potential benefits outweigh its possible side effects. Of course, there could also be dangers to TRT that doctors don entirely understand yet. That should be a big red flag for everyone involved in the current debates over TRT. We just don have the data to prove that raising testosterone in men who already have normal levels confers any real benefit, says Dr. Robert Mordkin, a urologist in Arlington, Virginia. Furthermore, Mordkin adds, Natural waxes and wanes of testosterone as we age may have some not yet entirely understood protective effects. In addition to making us better fathers, as the Northwestern study infers, declining testosterone may lower our vulnerability to prostate cancer at a time in our lives when we at the greatest risk for it. That said, if you have classic symptoms of hypogonadism low libido, fatigue, erectile dysfunction it probably reasonable to check your testosterone. And for those guys whose blood levels come under definitions of low testosterone, it probably reasonable to try the therapy for a while. But that very different from saying testosterone is the fountain of youth.

The Best Mascaras To Try This Year

The Best Mascaras To Try This Year

Mascara is like a fabulous pair of heels to your little black dress. Its the finishing touch, says Toronto makeup artist, Allana Mirza. Even if youre running out the door to the grocery store and not in the mood for a full face of makeup, a few coats of mascara some lip gloss and youll look done.

A strong affinity for luscious lashes is as common today as it was in Ancient Egypt for different reasons. Back then mascara was comprised of natural ingredients burnt almonds, kohl or lead combined with honey and some not so appetizing crocodile feces and was used to ward away evil spirits . The Victorian era witnessed the rising popularity of mascara as a cosmetic, but it wasnt until 1917 that the first packaged mascara was created by Eugene Rimmel, founder of Maybelline. Since then, mascara has shot to stardom. It has graced and enhanced the eye fringe of celebrities like Twiggy, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. These women know all to well that full, fluttery lashes dont just frame your eyes, they up the ante to va va voom.

Mirza reassures us that the lash trends of 2013 wont be any different from what weve seen in recent years long, thick and full lashes are here to stay. If you cant achieve them by mascara, buy them, says Mirza.

Check out the slideshow below for Mirzas top mascara picks along with a few of our own tried, tested and true favourites!.

Photo Credit: Sephora

MAC False Lash MascaraLike Dior it has a small tapered brush. Super black mascara, lengthening and buildable mascara, says Mirza.

Photo Credit: Pretty As Peaches

Dior DiorShow New Look MascaraLove that its a small tapered brush. This allows ease of use for all eye shapes and is great for both top and bottom lash. Its a buildable mascara for those who like a thicker application. Its also a lengthening mascara and a luxury brand for those who want to splurge, says Mirza.

Photo Credit: Mamas A Rolling Stone

MAC Extended Play MascaraMirza told us that this is a great mascara for lengthening lashes with a small brush, but its not a very buildable mascara.

Tech Support Forum

Tech Support Forum

It sounds like it would be a nice athome client operating system if it really is as good as they say, but Microsoft still majorly dominates the business world, and it looks like they will for a while longer.

Personally I think that ChromeOS is a junk. Yes it free. Yes it is based off if linux, but I will get to that later on. I dont know about the it being compatable with a many windows programs. I have heard that it will work with office live, but who uses that anyway .

I have seen it in action on a couple of podcasts, and from what I can see it is basically the Chrome browser on top of an Ubuntu base. On top of that you cant use it like a normal OS, there is no Gnome or KDE, it is just the Chrome browser with another tab with your widgets, very similar to the netbook remix

So to make a long rant short if you like the Chrome Browser and google apps then you will like the Chrome OS, if you dont then you probably wont like the OS.

The idea seems to be going towards cloud computing have everything on the internet. Games? Word processor? Email? Documents? Music? All on the internet. If everything is on the internet and accessable via web pages, all you need is a browser. For some people this makes sense, like the people that buy a netbook to check email, facebook, twitter, news sites, forums, etc. The majority of what they do is use a web browser.

People like me have no real use for one of these. I need a fast machine with a good Unixlike OS Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, etc with compilers, terminals and other utilities. In addition, I use my computer for playing music and watching movies why have a TV?. I like having all of my programs and data available when internet access is not available.

The upside is theyll probably put some serious work into browser technology and efficiently caching data used in web applications. People targeting Chrome OS should be working on making quality web applications. The advantage is well probably get more applications like Google Docs, online book services, etc. Some of these things are very helpful. I know people that used Google Docs to be able to concurrently work on the same document for college projects. No docx compatibility issues. No emailing updated documents around. No issues merging changes. Im not really interested in Chrome OS, Im interested in what people might make because of it which I will proceed to use from the same Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD systems Ive been using for years.

Skip to avoid my semirambling

but it will be what a good amount of people want, because all that the OS is made for is a fast bootup, then go post on twitter, then facebook, then go check emails for work or something then chat with friend for an hour then just shut it off and repeat the process.

Basically, for most people it the PERFECT netbook and thats the only computer its intended for this OS is only intended for internet use only.

IMO It will become popular in teenagers and those who for work they need to check Emails and make phone calls to clients.

Quick question how is Ubanuttu, is it worth it, will it interfere with windows in a Triboot setup?

If its free, unix based and sorta maybe compatible with windows stuff, and so many people are making a fuss out of it, why arent they all using linux already? Seems to me it will just be a flashy looking thing like the chrome browser and that it will appeal to people with netbooks as someone above mentioned. I cant see it being the end of the great microsoft era, certainly not in business. I also wonder in what ways google will make money out of it, adverts on your desktop anybody? they arent doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. I think Ill stick with my windows/ubuntu setup,

Study identifies prime source of ocean methane

Study identifies prime source of ocean methane

CHAMPAIGN, lll. Up to 4 percent of the methane on Earth comes from the ocean oxygenrich waters, but scientists have been unable to identify the source of this potent greenhouse gas. Now researchers report that they have found the culprit: a bit of chemistry practiced by the most abundant microbes on the planet.

The findings appear in the journal Science.

The researchers who made the discovery did not set out to explain ocean geochemistry. They were searching for new antibiotics. Their research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, explores an unusual class of potential antibiotic agents, called phosphonates, already in use in agriculture and medicine.

Many microbes produce phosphonates to thwart their competitors. Phosphonates mimic molecules the microbes use, but tend to be more resistant to enzymatic breakdown. The secret of their success is the durability of theirlooking at all kinds of antibiotics that have this carbonphosphorus bond, said University of Illinois microbiology and Institute for Genomic Biology professor William Metcalf, who led the study with chemistry and IGB professor Wilfred van der Donk. we found genes in a microbe that we thought would make an antibiotic. They didn They made something different altogether.

The microbe was Nitrosopumilus maritimus, one of the most abundant organisms on the planet and a resident of the oxygenrich regions of the open ocean. When scanning microbial genomes for promising leads, Benjamin Griffin, a postdoctoral researcher in Metcalf lab, noticed that N. maritimus had a gene for an enzyme that resembled other enzymes involved in phosphonate biosynthesis. He saw that the microbe also contained genes to make a molecule, called HEP, which is an intermediate in phosphonate biosynthesis.

To determine whether N. maritimus was actually producing a desirable phosphonate antibiotic, chemistry postdoctoral researcher Robert Cicchillo cloned the gene for the mysterious enzyme, expressed it in a bacterium E. coli, and ramped up production of the enzyme. When the researchers added HEP to the enzyme, the chemical reaction that ensued produced a long soughtafter compound, one that could explain the origin of methane in the aerobic ocean.

Scientists had been searching for this compound, methylphosphonic acid, since 2008, when David Karl at the University of Hawaii, Edward DeLong at MIT and their colleagues published an elegant yet unproven hypothesis to explain how methane was arising in the aerobic ocean. The only microbes known to produce methane are anaerobes, unable to tolerate oxygen. And yet the aerobic ocean is saturated with methane.

To explain this paradox, Karl and DeLong noted that many aerobic marine microbes host an enzyme that can cleave the If that bond were embedded in a molecule with a single carbon atom, methylphosphonic acid, one of the byproducts of this cleavage would be methane. Karl and DeLong even showed that incubation of seawater microbes with methylphosphonic acid led to methane production.

was just one problem with this theory, van der Donk said. acid has never been detected in marine ecosystems. And based on known chemical pathways, it was difficult to see how this compound could be made without invoking unusual biochemistry.

Van der Donk lab conducted further experiments that demonstrated that the N. maritimus was actually synthesizing phosphonic acids.

chemical analysis was a Herculean effort, Metcalf said. The microbe is the size of the standard lab rat microbe, E. coli, and grows at much lower cell densities, he said. The team relied on N. maritimus discoverer David Stahl, of the University of Washington, to grow the microbe in culture for their analysis.

we grew 100 liters of culture to get a few, maybe 50 or 100 milligrams of cells, of which maybe 1 percent is phosphorus, of which maybe 5 percent is methylphosphonate, Metcalf said.

The experiments indicated that the methylphosphonate was bound to another molecule, likely a sugar attached to the microbe surface, van der Donk said. When N. maritimus dies, other marine microbes break the carbonphosphorus bond of the methylphosphonate to gobble up the phosphorus, an element that is rare in the oceans but essential to life. This encounter generates methane.

The biochemistry that allows N. maritimus to produce methylphosphonate is Metcalf said.

that make phosphonates tend to use weird chemistry for all kinds of things, van der Donk said. this is very unusual. One of the carbon atoms of the HEP is oxidized by four electrons and the other is turned into a methyl group. I not aware of any other cases where that happens.

The new findings will help those modeling the geochemistry of the ocean to understand climate change, Metcalf said.

know that about 20 percent of the greenhouse effect comes from methane and 4 percent of that comes from this previously unexplained source, he said. have to know where the methane comes from and where it goes to understand what will happen when the system changes. InstanceEndEditable >.

Sound Products Page

Sound Products Page 1

Noisecancelling headphones are very popular with frequent travelers and those who live or work in noisy environments. AudioTechnicas new ATHANC9 QuietPoint headphones supply you with three modes of operation that have impressed us to say the least. Now you can get on with grinding in peace.

Soul by Ludacris SL150 SL300 Headphones Review

By Earl Keim August 20, 2012

Rapper Ludacris is the latest celebrity to endorse a line of trendy headphones and ear buds. We will tell you how this products sound signature affects your PC audio experience when paired with a dedicated sound card.

Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Sound Card Review

By Earl Keim May 01, 2012

Creatives latest Sound Blaster flagship sound card features its new SoundCore3D chipset along with a powerful headphone amplifier, a beam forming microphone, and the return of the companys popular front panel audio I/O bay. Today, we will see if a pricey pair of the companys closed back audiophile headphones can offer the compromise many of you are looking for in PC audio.