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Noisecancelling headphones are very popular with frequent travelers and those who live or work in noisy environments. AudioTechnicas new ATHANC9 QuietPoint headphones supply you with three modes of operation that have impressed us to say the least. Now you can get on with grinding in peace.

Soul by Ludacris SL150 SL300 Headphones Review

By Earl Keim August 20, 2012

Rapper Ludacris is the latest celebrity to endorse a line of trendy headphones and ear buds. We will tell you how this products sound signature affects your PC audio experience when paired with a dedicated sound card.

Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Sound Card Review

By Earl Keim May 01, 2012

Creatives latest Sound Blaster flagship sound card features its new SoundCore3D chipset along with a powerful headphone amplifier, a beam forming microphone, and the return of the companys popular front panel audio I/O bay. Today, we will see if a pricey pair of the companys closed back audiophile headphones can offer the compromise many of you are looking for in PC audio.