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It sounds like it would be a nice athome client operating system if it really is as good as they say, but Microsoft still majorly dominates the business world, and it looks like they will for a while longer.

Personally I think that ChromeOS is a junk. Yes it free. Yes it is based off if linux, but I will get to that later on. I dont know about the it being compatable with a many windows programs. I have heard that it will work with office live, but who uses that anyway .

I have seen it in action on a couple of podcasts, and from what I can see it is basically the Chrome browser on top of an Ubuntu base. On top of that you cant use it like a normal OS, there is no Gnome or KDE, it is just the Chrome browser with another tab with your widgets, very similar to the netbook remix

So to make a long rant short if you like the Chrome Browser and google apps then you will like the Chrome OS, if you dont then you probably wont like the OS.

The idea seems to be going towards cloud computing have everything on the internet. Games? Word processor? Email? Documents? Music? All on the internet. If everything is on the internet and accessable via web pages, all you need is a browser. For some people this makes sense, like the people that buy a netbook to check email, facebook, twitter, news sites, forums, etc. The majority of what they do is use a web browser.

People like me have no real use for one of these. I need a fast machine with a good Unixlike OS Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, etc with compilers, terminals and other utilities. In addition, I use my computer for playing music and watching movies why have a TV?. I like having all of my programs and data available when internet access is not available.

The upside is theyll probably put some serious work into browser technology and efficiently caching data used in web applications. People targeting Chrome OS should be working on making quality web applications. The advantage is well probably get more applications like Google Docs, online book services, etc. Some of these things are very helpful. I know people that used Google Docs to be able to concurrently work on the same document for college projects. No docx compatibility issues. No emailing updated documents around. No issues merging changes. Im not really interested in Chrome OS, Im interested in what people might make because of it which I will proceed to use from the same Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD systems Ive been using for years.

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but it will be what a good amount of people want, because all that the OS is made for is a fast bootup, then go post on twitter, then facebook, then go check emails for work or something then chat with friend for an hour then just shut it off and repeat the process.

Basically, for most people it the PERFECT netbook and thats the only computer its intended for this OS is only intended for internet use only.

IMO It will become popular in teenagers and those who for work they need to check Emails and make phone calls to clients.

Quick question how is Ubanuttu, is it worth it, will it interfere with windows in a Triboot setup?

If its free, unix based and sorta maybe compatible with windows stuff, and so many people are making a fuss out of it, why arent they all using linux already? Seems to me it will just be a flashy looking thing like the chrome browser and that it will appeal to people with netbooks as someone above mentioned. I cant see it being the end of the great microsoft era, certainly not in business. I also wonder in what ways google will make money out of it, adverts on your desktop anybody? they arent doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. I think Ill stick with my windows/ubuntu setup,