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The Best Mascaras To Try This Year

The Best Mascaras To Try This Year

Mascara is like a fabulous pair of heels to your little black dress. Its the finishing touch, says Toronto makeup artist, Allana Mirza. Even if youre running out the door to the grocery store and not in the mood for a full face of makeup, a few coats of mascara some lip gloss and youll look done.

A strong affinity for luscious lashes is as common today as it was in Ancient Egypt for different reasons. Back then mascara was comprised of natural ingredients burnt almonds, kohl or lead combined with honey and some not so appetizing crocodile feces and was used to ward away evil spirits . The Victorian era witnessed the rising popularity of mascara as a cosmetic, but it wasnt until 1917 that the first packaged mascara was created by Eugene Rimmel, founder of Maybelline. Since then, mascara has shot to stardom. It has graced and enhanced the eye fringe of celebrities like Twiggy, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. These women know all to well that full, fluttery lashes dont just frame your eyes, they up the ante to va va voom.

Mirza reassures us that the lash trends of 2013 wont be any different from what weve seen in recent years long, thick and full lashes are here to stay. If you cant achieve them by mascara, buy them, says Mirza.

Check out the slideshow below for Mirzas top mascara picks along with a few of our own tried, tested and true favourites!.

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MAC False Lash MascaraLike Dior it has a small tapered brush. Super black mascara, lengthening and buildable mascara, says Mirza.

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Dior DiorShow New Look MascaraLove that its a small tapered brush. This allows ease of use for all eye shapes and is great for both top and bottom lash. Its a buildable mascara for those who like a thicker application. Its also a lengthening mascara and a luxury brand for those who want to splurge, says Mirza.

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MAC Extended Play MascaraMirza told us that this is a great mascara for lengthening lashes with a small brush, but its not a very buildable mascara.